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About Us

Pelatis Rigas Consulting specializes in providing skilled HR Services to a host of multinational clients across the globe. Our services range from Executive Search, Staffing to RPO. Our continuous association with Fortune/Forbes 50 Multi Billion Dollar Corporations on a " Most Preferred Vendor" Level has been the direct result of our ability to get the job done with the Best TAT Possible even if the SLA's are on Niche Areas.

With proven expertise in inventing and utilizing out-of-the-box sourcing strategies thus working on multiple candidate generation channels, we continue to provide a good value based proposition in terms of cost to quality. We believe in rising above challenges and resting in the multitude of possible solutions. This outlook helps in generating velocity and momentum that propels us beyond the challenges into the realm of possibilities and creative solutions.

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar”
- Helen Keller.

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About Us
Executive Search more...
Our Sourcing Competence, Process Innovation,etc enable us to provide successful executive search solutions.
RPO more...
We have strong delivery and process expertise to seamlessly deliver RPO for customers.
staffing more...
By Assessing the business needs for specific assignments/projects, we strive to to make the best staffing choices
Preserve the Core. Stimulate Progress
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